Progressive Dental Technology and a Legacy of Exceptional Quality

Header - Predictable Quality - smallWho do you rely on, to help you deliver?

When your schedule and your waiting room is full, it’s the little things that make a big difference.

DeLux helps you make the difference…between profit and loss, gratification and frustration, success and failure.


“DeLux Dental is a first class operation. Their quality control is excellent,
deliveries are on time, and most importantly I get friendly and
expert help from their
technicians. When it comes to
benefiting our
patients, DeLux is there!”
Dr. S. Wallace
Morgantown, PA

Your patients rely on you to consistently provide them with the best dental health and lifestyle advice, services and support.DeLux has proven its expertise in designing and producing advanced dental solutions for generations. With a state-of-the-art laboratory, certified dental technicians and an unparalleled level of service, we help you put your practice into the elite category of those delivering the most consistent quality and service, year after year.

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Looking for a World Class Partner? We’ve Got You Covered.

DeLux Dental Laboratory is 100% committed to making your practice yield optimum results – for both doctor and patient.

Page Image - Predictable Quality - StaffAll of the services we offer are tried, true, and backed by a lab with outstanding qualifications. Call and invite us to be part of your extended staff!

“The DeLux team consistently
produces high quality work without compromising their courteous and accommodating manner.
I personally
value their dedication to our profession, especially in this day and age.”
Dr. P. Stokes
Wyomissing, PA

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“35 years of good service says it all. Looking forward to
many more years of quality dental care.”
Dr. R. Wolcott
Oley, PA

Consider DeLux an extension of your staff…your service quality…
and your values in delivering the excellence your patients deserve.


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