Superior Porcelain Fused to Metal Restorations

DeLux is your dedicated and reliable partner in providing predictable, highly esthetic PFM restorations. Our technical team has proven expertise in material selection, treatment plan design, fabrication and technical support, so you get dynamic results with every PFM case.

Page Image - PFM 1Porcelain fused to metal (PFM) restorations have been a standard in restorative dentistry for several decades. During that time, dentists around the world have adopted PFM crowns and bridges due to the versatility for use, as well as their ability to be matched to surrounding teeth.

PFM crowns provide an excellent balance between resilience and esthetics. The underlying metal portion of the restorations provides long-lasting durability, while the porcelain outer layer delivers a natural-looking appearance.


CAPTEK from DeLux: The Beauty Solution for Cosmetic Challenges

Page Image - PFM 2DeLux Dental’s reputation for the highest quality PFMs is built on the quality and beauty of our hand-layered porcelain to metal crowns. We use the highest quality ceramics available today for long term durability and natural esthetics.

Page Image - PFM 4 - DeLux LogoOur PFMs are constructed with CAPTEK, an advanced metallurgic technology for producing high gold metal substructures for crowns and bridges. It is an internally reinforced gold material that exhibits both the color, workability, and nobility of pure gold along with the strength and stability of the platinum/palladium family of cast alloy.

Patients and doctors are typically extremely pleased with our PFMs, which offer benefits including:

  • Eliminating Gray Margins
  • Extreme Bond Strength
  • No Special Chair Side Requirements
  • Superior Fit
  • Bridge Work

BEFORE: Traditional Crown


Who is a Good Candidate for PFM restorations?

A patient may be a candidate for PFM restorations if looking for a strong, but aesthetically appealing crown or bridge. PFM is especially beneficial to patients who suffer with bruxism that could lead to the deterioration of all-ceramic restorations.

Page Image - PFM 3Potential reasons to choose a porcelain-fused-to-metal restoration are over their all-ceramic counterparts include their greater strength vs. traditional ceramics (though more modern ceramics have vastly improved on the traditional ones.) PFM’s have a long track record of providing durable and lasting service; only all-metal crowns are superior in this regard.

Additionally, a more precise fit is possible because a PFM’s metal substructure achieves a more exact fit over its tooth than an all-ceramic. This may only be of limited concern, however in theory the less dependence the tooth/crown relationship has on its weakest link (the cement in between) the better.


  • Indicated for single unit crowns, short and long spanned bridges and implants
  • Typically fused to base, noble or white high noble alloy
  • Greater strength than traditional all-ceramics


  • Superb fit
  • Natural looking esthetics
  • Conventional cementation
  • Excellent long-term durability

Indications & Contraindications


Single crowns, all bridge applications including long span bridges, implants, dark preps.


Metal allergies.

Tips & Resources

ADA Codes

  • D2750  Crown – Porcelain fused to high noble metal
  • D2751 Crown – Porcelain fused to predominantly base metal
  • D2752 Crown – Porcelain fused to noble metal
  • D6240 Pontic – Porcelain fused to high noble metal
  • D6241 Pontic – Porcelain fused to predominantly base metal
  • D6262 Pontic – Porcelain fused to noble metal


Preferred Shade Guide

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