Header - Hybrid Partial - smallHybrid Partials Deliver Both Brawn and Beauty

When your patients need the durability of a cast partial along with top-tier esthetics and comfort, Wironium-based hybrid partials are the ideal choice.

DeLux will help you create a custom hybrid your patient will enjoy wearing.

Hybrid Partials Provide the Best of Both Worlds

A hybrid denture is a great restorative option in which a variety of materials are used to achieve the best fit and comfort. This type of denture utilizes a cast frame base that has had the metal clasps replaced with more esthetic flesh colored clasps made of flexible Valplast or Flexstar material.

The cast metal portion of DeLux Dental Lab’s high-strength hybrid partials are made with Wironium, an advanced alloy that has very high yield strength, which makes our partials extremely strong.

But they aren’t just durable – they’re also aesthetically pleasing. Our hybrid partial appliances feature a refined material that is resistant to plaque buildup, and the Wironium components are nickel-free, beryllium-free and iron-free.

Page Image - Partials 1When a patient requires the strength of a cast partial, but with the esthetics of a flexible partial, the DeLux Dental Lab hybrid partial is an excellent choice.


  • Strength of a metal partial with the esthetics of a hybrid design
  • Stain resistant
  • Thin and more comfortable



  • Less invasive and less expensive than bridges or implants.
  • Cobalt-chrome alloy increases adjustability while still limiting breakability.
  • High strength alloy also makes for thinner frameworks and stronger clasps.
  • Perfect for patients with certain metal allergies.

For a Look and Feel Practically Like Original Teeth

Page Image - Hybrid Partial 2Clasps can be effectively hidden by crafting them from our tissue-shaded Valplast or Flexstar thermoplastic materials.

Hybrid partial dentures from DeLux guarantee maximum strength, biocompatibility,
and an ideal fit.

The innovation of the thermoplastic clasps, combined with a wironium casting, allows restorations to blend seamlessly with the surrounding tissue. The flexibility of the clasps, combined with strength and light weight, provides total comfort and great looks!


Trust the Experts at DeLux for Your Patients’ Hybrid Partial Needs!


Indications & Contraindications


  • To replace several teeth in the same quadrant or both quadrants of the same arch.
  • As a temporary replacement for missing teeth in a child.
  • To replace missing teeth for patients who do not want a fixed bridge or implants.
  • To serve as a splint to support periodontally involved teeth.
  • For patients who maintain good oral hygiene.


  • Lack of suitable teeth in the arch to support, stabilize, and retain the removable prosthesis.
  • Rampant caries or severe periodontal conditions that threaten the remaining teeth in the arch.
  • A lack of patient acceptance for esthetic reasons.
  • Chronic poor oral hygiene.

Tips & Resources


D5213 – Maxillary partial denture – cast metal framework with resin denture bases (including any conventional clasps, rests and teeth)
D5214 – Mandibular partial denture – cast metal framework with resin denture bases (including any conventional clasps, rests and teeth)
D5281 – Removable unilateral partial denture – one piece cast metal (including clasps and teeth)
D5421 – Adjust partial denture (maxillary)
D5422 – Adjust partial denture (mandibular)
D5620 – Repair cast framework
D5630 – Repair or replace broken clasp
D5640 – Replace broken teeth (per tooth)
D5650 – Add tooth to existing partial denture
D5660 – Add clasp to existing partial denture
D5670 – Replace all teeth and acrylic on cast metal framework (maxillary)
D5671 – Replace all teeth and acrylic on cast metal framework (mandibular)


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