Dental Appliance Repairs That Make Patients Smile

As your patients’ primary advocate, you can help them make the right decisions around repair and support of their dental appliances. DeLux ensures you have the backup to make the best decisions, and deliver the most satisfying solutions.

We at DeLux are laser focused on providing high quality, timely repair services for our clients and their patients. Dental repairs and relines are not created equal. The time it takes for us to complete a repair or reline varies depending on the case complexity and denture material.

When you turn to DeLux…with old, loose, discolored, or broken dentures, we make them look and fit like new!

Fastest Repair Service in the Industry!

With DeLux, if you have a simple repair in by noon, we guarantee to have it out – delivered or shipped – by 5:00 the same day! We think that will help you keep your patients smiling.

Our comfortable Patient Waiting Area means you can send your patients right over, and have them relax and enjoy refreshments while we perform needed repairs – and send them home ready to go.

Types of Repairs:

  • Adding a Tooth
  • Relining / Rebasing Dentures
  • Denture Repairs
  • Minor Adjustments
  • And more…

DeLux Repair Advantages:

  • Superior Fit
  • Outstanding Support
  • Strong Grip (Retention)
  • Beautiful Esthetics
  • Rapid Turnaround


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DeLux Delivers Fast Turnaround

Time is of the utmost importance to both you, and your patient. Here are some guidelines for repair turnaround to help set expectations. Of course, if you have an emergency, let us know and we’ll accommodate you to the best of our abilities.

  • For replacement of teeth, a broken denture, or if you are in need of a reline, we offer same day repairs for clients. For more complex cases and our clients in outlying areas, we offer next day delivery.
  • For a repair that requires welding of a cast frame or the repair of flexible partial material, we require two full days in the lab.
  • For a 1-2 tooth flipper we require one full day in lab, exclusive of pick-up and delivery (e.g. if we pick up a case on Monday AM, we will return it by Wednesday AM).


Turn to the Proven Experts

Experienced technicians, massive tooth inventory, in house casting and welding means you get great work, fast!

So whether it’s minor adjustments your patients need, such as tightening of your denture clasps, adjusting bite — turn to DeLux to deliver the quality and service your patients deserve.

For a consultation, pickup or shipping materials, contact us today!


When Should Patients Consider Repairing Dentures?

Page Image - Repairs 2The life span of dentures varies with their original quality, the degree of care they are given, and the intensity of use they receive. Average life span may be expected to be 8-10 years, but this does vary and isn’t the same for everyone or indeed every type of denture.

Partial dentures that get support from resting on the patient’s gums are more likely to see changes occurring, as the ridges resorb somewhat under the pressure. Relines may be necessary, to ensure the fit continues to be good after a number
of years.

If adjustments can be completed to a satisfactory level, then your patient will be in good shape with repair of existing devices. However, if the current denture can’t really be corrected to original condition, then it makes sense to develop a new set.

Indications it’s Best to Recommend a New Denture:

  • When multiple problems exist with the look, fit and function of your current dentures
  • When the problems can’t easily be solved by adjusting the denture
  • When the denture is old and worn – are the teeth flat or do they still have a pattern on the top?
  • If other work has been done – such as fillings or crowns that has affected the closeness of the fit
  • When the patient has lost multiple other teeth that are now just spaces, or have new teeth that need to be extracted
  • If the denture has broken repeatedly and has already been repaired multiple times.


Complimentary DeLux Repair Advisory Sheet

Our complimentary repair advisory sheet offers practical clinical suggestions and valuable design improvements when performing a repair service. This sheet is attached to cases in need of additional work and will help you when consulting your patients.


Tips & Resources

ADA Codes

Adjustments to Dentures
D5410…..Adjust complete denture – maxillary
D5411…..Adjust complete denture – mandibular
D5421…..Adjust partial denture – maxillary
D5422…..Adjust partial denture – mandibular

Repairs to Complete Dentures
D5510…..Repair broken complete denture base
D5520…..Replace missing or broken teeth-complete denture (each tooth)

Repairs to partial Dentures
D5610…..Repair resin denture base
D5620…..Repair cast framework
D5630…..Repair or replace broken clasp
D5640…..Replace broken teeth – per tooth
D5650…..Add tooth to existing partial denture
D5660…..Add clasp to existing partial denture
D5670…..Replace all teeth and acrylic on cast metal framework (maxillary)
D5671…..Replace all teeth and acrylic on cast metal framework (mandibular)

Denture Rebase Procedures
D5710…..Rebase complete maxillary denture
D5711…..Rebase complete mandibular denture
D5720…..Rebase maxillary partial denture
D5721…..Rebase mandibular partial denture

Denture Reline Procedures
D5730…..Reline complete maxillary denture (chairside)
D5731…..Reline complete mandibular denture (chairside)
D5740…..Reline maxillary partial denture (chairside)
D5741…..Reline mandibular partial denture (chairside)
D5750…..Reline complete maxillary denture (laboratory)
D5751…..Reline complete mandibular denture (laboratory)
D5760…..Reline maxillary partial denture (laboratory)
D5761…..Reline mandibular partial denture (laboratory)

Interim Prosthesis
D5810…..Interim complete denture (maxillary)
D5811…..Interim complete denture (mandibular)
D5820…..Interim partial denture (maxillary)
D5821…..Interim partial denture (mandibular)

Other Removable Prosthetic Services
D5860…..Overdenture – complete, by report
D5861…..Overdenture – partial, by report
D5862…..Precision attachment, by report
D5867…..Replacement of replaceable part of semi-precision or precision attachment (male or female component)
D5875…..Modification of removable prosthesis following implant surgery