Full Cast Gold Restorations

When a full-cast crown is your preferred choice for a broad spectrum of clinical needs, the DeLux team is your go-to partner for creating superior quality crowns based on the ideal specific alloy for your patient’s unique needs.

Full-cast crowns have long been a preferred choice for dental practitioners because of their longevity and functional success. With precious, semi-precious, and non-precision metal options, full-cast crowns remain a proven material choice for a broad spectrum of clinical needs.

Generally referred to as a “Gold” crown, this type of restoration is actually composed of many different types of noble and base metal elements, including Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Silver, Copper and Tin. Quality is generally higher when the alloy used for crowns is high in noble make-up.

Gold is the most biocompatible metal used in dentistry, with margins that don’t break or chip, even with polish and wear. With wear rates and thermal expansion characteristics very similar to enamel, it accomplishes better natural performance and fit. The use of gold often allows for less tooth structure removal in restoration processes, maintaining greater health and strength of the original tooth.

Your patients will see the difference when you trust DeLux for your full cast restorations.

Our DeLux full gold crowns (FGCs) consist entirely of a single piece of alloy, which can be custom-selected based on a number of considerations. full cast restorations are meticulously sculpted out of the finest alloys available. Our skilled technicians develop each casting as a customized work of art.

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  • Indicated for single unit crowns, multi-unit bridges, inlays & onlays
  • Available in noble and high noble white and yellow alloys
  • High marginal integrity and durability
  • Long-term wear characteristics
  • A long history of clinical success


  • Functional Success
  • Superb Fit
  • Superior Performance
  • Long-lasting
  • Excellent for parafunctional patients

Indications & Contraindications


  • Anterior: crowns and bridges
  • Posterior: crowns, bridges, and inlays/onlays


  • Partials, metal allergies

Tips & Resources


  • Conventional cementation

ADA Codes

  • D2790 Crown – full cast high noble metal
  • D2791 Crown – full cast predominantly base metal
  • D2792 Crown – full cast noble metal


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